Brunk Family Dental Care
Brunk Family Dental Care of Vandalia and Brunk Family Dental Care of Metropolis
The Dentist's:   Dr Mark G Brunk, Dr Michael Lask and Dr Kelli Brunk Blank
607  West Orchard Street,  Vandalia,  IL  62471     Phone: 618-283-2929    
805  Market Street Unit B,   Metropolis, IL 62960     Phone: 618-940-0542
Welcome to our Vandalia and Metropolis dental practices.  We accept most dental insurance.  We are a State of Illinois Medicaid Provider. Thank you for your visit. 
Dr's Mark, Mike and Kelli provide General Dentistry in South-Central Illinois and Southern Illinois. Our Southern Illinois dental office is at Metropolis and opened March 2013.  General Dentistry means that they are capable of providing a wide range of dental treatment options all in one location.  We do refer some needed dental care to Specialists who treat specific dental needs.  Examples would be a referral to an Orthodontist who treats crowding of the teeth (need braces) or to an Oral Surgeon to remove impacted wisdom teeth. Otherwise we do all the standard dental treatments such as fillings, extractions, dentures, partials, crowns, restore implants, cleanings, etc..

Our Vandalia dental office has provided Dental Medicaid coverage since 1984.  There are no "set" days or times to treat people.  Everyone who walks into our office is treated the same no matter who pays the bill.  You will be given different levels of treatment options for a specific problem.  Such as, yes, the best treatment would be a nice crown (cap) but if that is not in your financial budget at this time then let us treat the tooth with a large filling.  Or, yes, it would be nice to have a root canal, pin build-up and crown all on one tooth; but we can extract that tooth and add a tooth to your existing partial.  You will make the decision of final treatment after considering the options.

Our Metropolis dental office provides the same level of care and treatment options as our Vandalia office.  We are rapidly expanding at Metropolis! After buying a previous dentist's Unit B office and remodeling it, we have now purchased Unit A and Unit B.  Which means the entire building will be remodeled into one office.  Additional room will allow more treatment opportunities by allowing additional employees.  January 2014 will be the start of a great new year at Metropolis.

We have Semi Truck parking at our Vandalia office! Yes, come on in to our office after parking your rig.  We are right off of Interstate 70 and it is easy to get that big rig parked, RV parked or even large farm equipment.  

New pictures of employees at both locations will be added soon.

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